I have met with many of people in the 92nd District already, listening to what really matters to you regarding government’s role in your life and work.  The issues I know best relate to health care for individuals of all ages, children’s issues related to education, health care, and safety.   But I have also spoken with you about other significant issues such as protecting property rights and lowering taxes that strain families.  More...

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I am excited to participate in the political arena with this being my first effort to run for public office.  Over the past fifteen years I have frequently participated in the legislative process through grassroots efforts by traveling to Jefferson City to speak with legislators and to help write legislation about issues that I see in my work and community.   My interest is in accountablegovernment that helpsfamilies and protects children, our most vulnerable citizens.   
- Sue Allen

Sue is a Conservative and holds many core conservative beliefs:

Life and Family Values  
Sue Values the family and believes in the family having control of its own resources. 

Sue believes that protecting human life is a core family value and that life begins at conception.    

Sue believes  that “marriage” always has been and should remain a union between a man and a woman and that there are better ways to protect individuals’ rights than to change that. 

Property Rights
Sue will be a strong advocate for private property rights. Sue believes the only time eminent domain should be used is when there is a legitimate public need to use private property to improve roads, hospitals, or other strictly public facilities or infrastructure.  Sue doesn’t believe private property should be taken for the purpose of private gain or profit. 

Property Taxes
Sue believes that property taxes are a reasonable way for State government to raise revenue but those taxes should be equitable across the State and should be subject to existing controls for raising those taxes.  Sue favors changing the current State-wide assessment rules that allow some areas of the State to maintain unrealistically low assessments and rates while areas like St. Louis County have professional assessors who realistically assess property at its current value.  This results in tax revenues from the 92nd District being unfairly diverted to other areas of the State.

Sue also favors closing loopholes in laws governing current real property tax rates that allow major tax increases to be passed on to property owning  taxpayers  purely as a result of increases in assessments.
Throughout her professional career  as a physical therapist, Sue has worked with a number of public education institutions including the St. Louis Public Schools and the Special School District of St Louis County .  Sue has seen what’s right and what’s wrong with our school systems.  Both Sue and her husband are products of the Missouri public education system at the elementary, secondary, university levels.  She knows  that public education can be successful but it requires a change in focus. 

We need a system that allows parents to make educational decisions and requires the schools to focus on education and not administration.  Our existing school funding needs to be used more efficiently.  Failing schools need to be held accountableOur children deserve this.

Government Accountabililty
Sue Believes that government should be accountable for how our tax dollars are spent.  Sue spent many years dealing with massive budget overruns in the Missouri First Steps program.  Recent changes in that program were initiated by the Blunt administration and caused a huge outcry over the reduction of services to children.  However, these accountability changes made the Missouri First Steps program more accountable for its spending and resulted in a secure program of services to the children who need the services with better provider availability.  Other programs like this can be made more effective without more funding.

Sue believes that the person who earns is best able to determine how his or her money is spent.  She understands that lower taxes create a stronger economy and that a stronger economy means MORE money available for government programs, NOT less.  Cutting tax rates does not mean lowering government revenue or reducing programs.

Sue believes in lower tax rates and less government spending.  She believes that often LESS  legislation passed may be better than MORE and that we need to ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS before creating more laws.

Illegal Immigraton
We are a country of immigrants and Sue supports the continued acceptance of legal immigrants into our country and state.  Illegal immigration is the issue.  

Illegal immigration does not only involve poor people coming into the country looking for work to support their families but also involves the unfettered entry of anyone wishing to enter the country to pursue criminal or terrorist activities without monitoring by our government.  Illegal immigration also poses enormous economic burdens on governments required to provide service to those persons.

2nd Amendment Rights
Sue supports 2nd Amendment rights unequivocally and believes that existing licensing laws and laws to prevent criminal use should be strongly enforced.

I believe there is much that needs to be accomplished in these and many other areas, and I am readyto commit my efforts to be elected to represent and serve YOU in Jefferson City.   I welcome hearing from constituents of the 92nd District.

God Bless,
Sue Allen



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